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On October 22, Beijing time, when the two former Chinese men’s basketball coaches met on a narrow road, Guo Shiqiang and Li Nan’s national coach duel naturally attracted attention, especially since both of them had already lost their second consecutive season. In such an encounter, Guo Shiqiang coached Guangzhou and easily defeated Jiangsu, and finally won his first victory in Guangzhou coaching. However, Li Nan coaching Jiangsu is still extremely embarrassing.


As coaches who have had a history of Chinese basketball from player era to coach era, Li Nan and Guo Shiqiang are undoubtedly facing the test of re-proving themselves. Li Nan encountered Waterloo in coaching the Chinese Men's Basketball Team in the Men's Basketball World Cup last year. He dormant for a season as a consultant for the Jiangsu Men's Basketball Team. Guo Shiqiang's coaching record was not ideal at the beginning of last season's semi-finals, which led to his leaving get out of class and leaving Guangzhou to start his coaching career.


However, in the first two games of the season, Li Nan and Guo Shiqiang both suffered from the embarrassment of coaching two consecutive defeats. The difference is that Li Nan not only currently has no foreign aid in Jiangsu, but also Wu Guanxi, who renewed his contract this summer, was injured at the beginning of the first game, which greatly reduced Jiangsu's strength and naturally caused great trouble for Li Nan's coaching. On the other hand, Guo Shiqiang was full of ambition this summer, but Guangzhou traded Fan Ziming, the cornerstone of the local team, which naturally "pitted" Guo Shiqiang.


In such a narrow encounter, Li Nan and Guo Shiqiang are naturally eager to win and win their first coaching victory of the season. However, in the first quarter of the game, the two teams started the mutual pecking mode. Guangzhou was 3 out of 16, and Jiangsu was 3 out of 20. The two teams only scored 6 goals in total. Such a terrible iron fight is also unbearable. .

在如此狭encounter的遭遇中,李楠和郭世强自然渴望赢得并赢得本赛季的首个教练胜利。但是,在比赛的第一季度,两支球队开始了相互啄食模式。广州是16中的3,江苏是20中的3。两队总共只进了6球。如此可怕的铁战也难以忍受。 。

However, Guo Shiqiang is still a little more "lucky" than Li Nan, after all, Guangzhou has a double foreign aid lineup, and the local strength is also better. In the case of Xinke Yuanhua Zhu Mingzhen who only scored 8 points in 2 and only scored 7 points, Guangzhou still scored in double figures with 5 people, except for assisting Moore with 8 in 13 and contributing 18+5+4.

但是,郭世强仍然比李楠更加“幸运”,毕竟广州的外援阵容是双重的,本地实力也更好。在新科院华朱明振的比赛中,他仅以2比8的得分仅获得7分,广州队仍以5人的得分双双得分,除了帮助摩尔以13比8的贡献和18 + 5 + 4的贡献。

The more critical reason for Guangzhou to win is that there are 4 local players who scored in double figures. Sun Mingyang 5 of 9 contributed 14+8+5 overall data. With only 10 of 2 sights, Chen Yingjun made 9 of 8 free throws. 13+8+3, plus Guo Kai 12+9 and Tian Yuheng 12+3+5, so Guangzhou used team basketball mode to help Guo Shiqiang get his first victory.

广州获胜的更关键原因是,有4位当地球员得分双双。孙明阳(共9个人中的5个人)贡献了14 + 8 + 5的总体数据。在2个景点中只有10个景点中,陈英俊8次罚球中有9个罚球。 13 + 8 + 3,再加上郭凯12 + 9和田玉恒12 + 3 + 5,因此广州采亚博游戏娱乐平台官网用队篮球模式帮助郭世强获得了首场胜利。

On the other hand, Li Nan is still troubled by the lack of soldiers, and the brave Zheng Qilong in the first two games was completely misfired. He only scored 6 points in 1 of 12 in this campaign, not as good as Li Nan's love son Li Lutong scored 6 points in the last 7 minutes. As for the whole game, only two people in Jiangsu scored in double figures, Jiang Haoran 17+6 and Wang Hong 13+7. Such a shortage of major generals and weak combat effectiveness will undoubtedly leave Li Nan still a long way from the first victory of CBA coaching.

另一方面,李楠仍然因缺少士兵而感到困扰,而前两场比赛中勇敢的郑其龙被完全开除。在这次竞选中,他仅获得12分之一的6分,不及李楠的爱子李璐彤在过去7分钟内获得6分。在整个比赛中,江苏只有两个人得分双双,姜浩然17 + 6和王宏13 + 7。少将的短缺和战斗力的减弱无疑将使李楠离CBA执教的首场胜利还有很长的路要走。

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